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Notes on Visa Application
2023-05-10 12:00

1. Please ensure the information on the Visa Application Form is accurate specifically the name, gender, date of birth, passport number and passport issuance place. If there is any error in the above information, the Office of Consular Affairs will return the application and the applicant will need to fill in the Visa Application Form online again and make another appointment.

2. The applicant, representative or agent should submit the application documents at the Office of Consular Affairs with the printed appointment slip at the schedule time. The Office of Consular Affairs will only accept visa applications with an appointment ID on the same day, and will not accept visa applications for other dates. Please carefullyfill in the Visa Application Form and reasonably arrange your attendance. It is recommended to fill in the online application form and make an appointment online to submit the visa application about one month before the proposed date of entry.

3. If there are special circumstances that prevent you from submitting your application on site at the scheduled time, you must cancel your original appointment at least one working day in advance by logging into the AVAS system (https://avas.mfa.gov.cn/), otherwise it will be treated as a missed appointment. Please do not occupy the availability for others by making repeat appointment. Repeat appointment is regarded as invalid appointment. The subsequent usual document processing will be affected in case you miss or repeat the appointment.

4. Please strictly follow our photo requirements of visa application. It is recommended to hand-in photo printed on glossy paper,dress in dark colour, with forehead shown. The system may otherwise not pass and affect the normal processing of documents.

5. For urgent situation, such as attending funeral or visiting critically ill relative, that the applicant is not able to get an appointment in time, you may apply for the "Green-lane" service, its procedure as follows:

(1) Read the "Notice on New Adjustments to Chinese Visa and Entry Policies (Updated, March 14, 2023)" carefully, log on to the "China Online Visa Application (COVA)" website (https://cova.mfa.gov.cn/), fill in and submit the Visa Application Form online.

(2) Complete the "Emergency Visa Application Declaration" and email it, with other relevant supporting documents to kk@csm.mfa.gov.cn, titled "Emergency Visa + Applicant's Name + Passport Number". Please note that the application may not be approved, if the email title does not tally, the form is incomplete, or the supporting documents are lacking.

(3) The Office of Consular Affairs will reply by email if the application is approved. Please print out the email as a proof of appointment and submit your application at the Office of Consular Affair with all documents.

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