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Format Requirements of Invitation Letter
2023-05-10 12:14

Content of invitation letter for S1, S2, Q1, Q2 visa

(Name of inviter), (gender), (date of birth), (China ID, foreign passport number or China permanent residence ID), (current residential address of China), (contact number), (email). 

I hereby invite the following relatives to China for a short-term visit/long-term stay of (number of days).

Information of invitee: (name), (gender), (date of birth), (nationality), (passport number), (relationship with the inviter).

Signature of the inviter:                              Date:

Content of invitation letter for M, F, L visa

Personal particulars of invitee: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, etc.

Information of the invitation: reason for going to China, date of arrival and departure, places of visiting, relationship with the inviting unit or person, source of expenses, etc.

Information of the inviting organization: name, address, contact number, official stamp of the organization, signature of the legal representative or the inviter of the inviting organization, date, etc. (relevant information must be included in the body content of the invitation letter).

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